Product Description

Enjoy blasting fun with this Green Rocket science kit!

Made by recycling waste and propelled by green energy, this Green Rocket is ready to take off with 2 bottles and old magazines. Press the empty bottle, and the rocket will be propelled into the air up to 25 meters. Discover the physical principles behind this invention. An ecological project, scientific and fun.

Product Features:

  • DIY scientific kit
  • 23 accessories
  • Includes launch tube, flexible pipe, stand arm, bottle connector halves, pipe clamp halves, 2 sets nuts bolts etc, foam rocket heads, adhesive tape, screws, 2 rocket body sheets, 12 fin templates
  • Clean energy and brilliant for hands-on learning
  • Enjoy blasting rocket fun by recycling 2 drink bottles
  • Learn all about the physics behind the rockets
  • Approx product size: 1.5 x 52 x 9cm
  • Weight: 212 grams
  • Age: 8+
  • Please Note: Bottles are not provided

Warning: risk of suffocation, small parts; forbidden to children under 3 years old.