You can totally make these with your kids in an afternoon.  It is so much fun!  Here are the supplies needed:

  • Aquarium gravel
  • Small seashells
  • Cheap aquarium plants
  • Plastic sea creatures
  • Mason jars
  • Water with blue food coloring

Make a Light Up Mason Jar Aquarium! #ad #FindingDelicious #craft #DIY

Start by adding the plant before the gravel.  Push the plant to the side as you fill the jar with gravel. Do this in a circle, so that you cover all sides of the plant base.  If your plant is too tall for your jar, just snip it off.

Make a Light Up Mason Jar Aquarium! #ad #FindingDelicious #craft #DIY

Next, it’s time to add your sea creatures.  Please ONLY use plastic sea creatures, not any real ones!

Next, add a few seashells, then, it’s time to slowly fill the jar with water.  Tint your water with just a few drops of blue food coloring.  I wanted to keep it light, so we could see all the fun things in the jars.

Now here’s the fun part — the lights!  You can find these at the craft store.  They are submersible LED lights.  I used permanent adhesive to attach to them to the inside of the lid.  Add a dab of adhesive to the light and to the lid, then wait a couple minutes for both to get a little tacky.  Then, stick them together.  In just a few minutes they’ll be stuck.

Screw the lid on, and your aquarium is ready to go.